I dug out this @voguemagazine from a few years back with Taylor Swift on the cover and reread her interview in celebration of today’s Livestream. I’m so ready for your new music, girl.

I’m headed up to NYC for the week, where I’ll get to see my sister and do some pretty exciting work!

Taylor got me an early birthday present and I’m never taking them off.

Been working diligently on something I’m super proud of. Can’t wait to share!

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It’s our second 4th together. It’s fun to think how much he’s grown, how much I’ve grown, and how much we’ve grown together. So happy he’s by my side.


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Saw Inside Llewyn Davis last night. The acting was phenomenal. The storyline was eh.


Stranger than Paradise - Tilda Swinton and Tim Walker for W Magazine.

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Good morning!